Ambient Intelligence (AmI) is an undergraduate course proposed at Politecnico di Torino. In the AmI course, students learn to conceive, design and implement realistic intelligent systems that support users in their daily activities.

Teams of four students develop different projects, combining sensors, actuators, mobile systems, wearable devices, and cloud services. The projects of year 2018 explore the theme Ambient Intelligence systems for Living Spaces.

Browse the projects below.

AmI Sitter homepage

AmI Sitter

AmI Sitter will help you to take care of your little children, making your life much easier.

AmIClean? homepage


You are always in a hurry and you don’t have the time to keep your flat clean? AmIClean is here to help!

Assystme homepage


Assystme is a personal assistant thought for elders living alone. It helps you remember important tasks and it protects you if you put yourself at risk.

BabySpy homepage


BabySpy is an AmI system whose main aim is childcare and protection, specifically thought for toddlers and pre-schoolers.

Fitness Partner homepage

Fitness Partner

Give you a better private gym environment.

HOMMY homepage


Have you ever thought about playing with you own Home? Now you can: HOMMY is what you are looking for!

House Coach homepage

House Coach

The House Coach is an interactive system that makes a game out of house management, motivating you to complete your chore on time.

HouseOnFire homepage


With HouseOnFire, having a party at your house will be easier and funnier. It will assist you in the process of hosting any kind of party.

Kitchen Mate homepage

Kitchen Mate

Hi, I’m Kitchen Mate, your new cooking assistant. I will help you in every kitchen task from the choice of the ingredients to the plating.

Lucy homepage


Choose the best outfit, instantly. The smart closet that will change the way you get ready.

MMS homepage


Ever had the feeling your head is too full of things to do? MMS represents the evolution of any agenda and will guarantee not to forget anything anymore.

Memo Store homepage

Memo Store

We want to make people happier for longer. Memo Store will record and remember voices and actions thus making the best moments impossible to forget.

Nice To Meet You homepage

Nice To Meet You

Imagine you are in a university residence, where you can meet a great amount of people. NTMY will help you to meet new friends!

Party Time homepage

Party Time

When we organize a party at home a big issue is setting the right music. Will everyone be satisfied by our choices? A smart system comes to help!

Pea Shooter homepage

Pea Shooter

Do you want a plant who lives like an animal? It will ask for water when it’s thirsty, and guard your apartment.

RNDS homepage


Room Noise Detecting System. Making cohabitation easy.

Sound Track homepage

Sound Track

Sound Track would allow for whatever a person is listening to - music or podcasts - to follow them around their home.

You Shouldn't Do It homepage

You Shouldn't Do It

Have you ever struggled to do something that you really have to do because you keep losing attention? For many people that thing is called “studying”.